Hello, not sure this is the right place to post but here goes:

I recently bought an Apogee Jam, and been enjoying it a lot using Jamup on my phone. Yesterday I finally bought myself a spanking new MacBook Pro, and was ecstatic over the idea of using GarageBand and possibly buying something like BIAS to add a bit of beef.

I fired up the mac, plugged in the Jam (followed the Quick Start guide), created a new project in GarageBand and in all it's glory there was sound! But for some reason, after opening Safari and coming back to GarageBand, the sound was gone. I tried restarting GarageBand, with no luck. Unplugging the device and plugging it back in again, however, worked. After a good 3-4 minutes of playing with sound, it suddenly dropped out again, this time just in the middle of a riff. On both occasions the Jam had it's green LED lit even when I didn't have sound, so there is nothing wrong with the USB port (tried all ports).

Anyone had any similar experiences with this? Not sure what else to detail; Macbook Pro, Flash based storage, running Yosemite and GarageBand 10.1.0.

Any help would be appreciated.

Bonus: When using the distortion 'amps' in GarageBand I also experienced some serious noise when touching the strings just above the pickups, even when the fretting hand was doing nothing.

Anywho, looking for some advice!

Have you installed the jam's drivers?
If not, do so.

Was the sound gone from garageband only?
Was the sound gone from the guitar channel only?
Did you still see the input meter going up and down when playing?

For the amount of noise simply use less gain.
If that doesn't solve it then your p/ups are noisey, end of the story.
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New to Mac myself but happy to say apogee was so simple and easy to plug in play,like the other guys said,just double check settings and make sure jam 64 is selected,I love it.
Hey guys, thanks for the replies!

I am pretty sure the input meter stopped - I didn't actually check if other bits of sound were playing as I didn't have any other loops or instruments going. I guess I was just pretty stumped by the first hurdle after having such high expectations

Will check that ok Sunday when I am home. Regarding the settings - I followed the quick setup guide which did involve a bit of fiddling around in preferences and definitely involved selecting Jam from a drop down menu and also built-in speakers or something along those lines for sound out. I also rebooted my Mac as I read somewhere that it would trigger the new settings. From what I have read today, it seems like there is a bit of trouble with Yosemite/Mavericks and USB interfaces in GarageBand, perhaps that's the case? I'll check properly and do some more testing on Sunday night - thanks for your input so far!
Oh and two more things: I checked on the apogee website - no drivers necessary for the Jam and Yosemite apparently.

My pickups are fine on my normal Vox amp even with quite a bit of gain on (and when I used Jamup even the highest gain amps were fine). The noise is just occasional, kind of tricky to explain really: it's not constant like a hum or anything, it's more this really sharp noise when my picking hand is over the strings by the pickups, either neck or bridge, and my fretting hand isn't doing anything (ie literally just resting my hands on the guitar).
9/10 times if the signal drops out, your input got de-selected somehow. Keystroke combo/screen freeze/too many windows open. Most DAWs don't like multi-tasking with other software open and ProTools was the worst for me. It would crash if I answered an email.
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I remember checking back at the preferences window and everything was the same. I've reached out to apogee on Twitter as registering for their customer service is ridiculously long winded but no response so far so I might just have to bite the bullet and sign up :/
HI Guy's new to the forum, just wandering around and noticed apogee Jam, I have one, love it! I had issues with GB at the beginning, turns out the 'monitor on' button was off, something that happens every time ( I think) you disconnect the interface. Once I got used to that, plain sailing from then on.
Not sure this thread is still alive but i've had another stab at it. Basically if I switch to another app on my mac and return to Garageband the guitar is dead – there is nothing indicating any sound in Garageband but the JAM is still green. If I select a loop or sample and hit play I get the sound back instantly… So not quite sure what's going on but surely this isn't normal? The monitor toggle box doesn't change either, it's still set to whatever it is to allow for live sound.
Oh and one more thing: I downloaded a demo of BIAS Amp and even opening the BIAS popup window in Garageband killed the sound...
There should be a setting somewhere that makes GB take exclusive control of the audio interface, at least in the M$ world there is. Maybe look for that option in GB settings or under Prefernces->Audio in the Mac menu (under the Apple logo).
Hey Diabolical, I've tried both my Mac system preferences and GB preferences - the Jam shows up and is selected in both at all times. It's all set up as per the quick start guide. And also wort mentioning, it is still selected when the guitar drops out, it's not deactivated or anything like that. Yesterday I was noodling around with the amp designer and even that killed my guitar at some point. I also realised that repeatedly hitting the monitor button for a few times makes the sound come back (although the monitor button is still switched on when the guitar drops out).

Very annoying - I am going to just bite the gullet and go through the cumbersome process of registering for customer services at this point I think!

Thanks for all your input guys
I am thinking that you have to make the program no release the driver in background....not sure how that goes in Mac lingo and if it is even available but I remember it was for Pro Fools because it used to lock your sound drivers so nothing else could play through your Mac.