I purchased an Ibanez RG3727FZ a few days back. Its a 7 string.
Its Mahogany body, Rosewood fingerboard, maple neck with edge zero trem.
It has PAF 7 pickups which are low output.
So i was thinking of swapping them for higher output pickups.
Im mostly into lead solo playing.
and want a pickup which is versatile.
And i like the music of Jason Becker, Joe Satriani, Vinnie Moore, Andy Timmons, Kiko Loureiro, The Aristocrats, Jeff Loomis, Marco Sfogli, Paul Gilbert, Stevie Ray Vaughan etc.

So can u guys suggest me some great pickups which suits my playing?
both for neck and bridge position.
What amp do you have?

If the amp isn't up to scratch then a pickup upgrade is not going to be worth the money.

EDIT: I was going to suggest the Satriani DiMarzios but they don't do a 7 string model.

Crunch Lab/LiquiFire may be too hot for you but could be worth a look.
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I would recommend the dimarzio blaze 7 set. I have them in my vigier. Nice clean sound, but able to distort in a really nice way. It's not quite going to get you into the super metal zone (for heavier stuff I'd recommend the crunchlab/liquifire set) but for what you're doing I think it's be pretty great. Definitely hotter than PAFs
I think the crunch lab and liquifire set will suit you well, it has the output you are looking for and it is very versatile.
most of those guys use low (or lowish) output pickups. that's not to say you have to- you may well prefer the sound and feel of higher output pickups even if you like those players. But I thought it was worth pointing out, just in case.

Also as Random3 implies, your amp is very important.

I don't know anything about 7 strings but the blazes tfizzle20 suggested might be worth considering- a fair bit hotter than your paf7s but without getting into the crazy high output stuff (so should be more versatile and also should be more in line with what your favourite players are playing too).
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i am not a seven stringer kind of guy, but i really like my crunch lab and liquifire i put in my 2570. they are pretty well balanced between output and dynamics. i have an air norton and tonezone in my 3550mz, and they aren't bad either, but i tend to favor the CL/LQ.

i am going to bet putting d-activators in my 1570 when i get around to it. i haven't tried them though so i can't really weigh in much on that.

one thing to keep in mind is that dimarzio has an exchange deal, so if you don't like them, they will swap you free once.
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