Hello i have a problem on youtube with copyrights. I am playing a song over a backing track on youtube. youtube says "this song is unavailable in some countries" and "this song cannot be played on mobile phones". I am not making money with the song, i am just playing my guitar over a backing track.
Doesn't matter if you're not making money. Copyright infringement is still a thing.

Dispute it with Google, not us.
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You are not making money with the song, you are just playing your guitar over a backing track. I would say that is true, not false.
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Based on your concerns, I've taken action and directed my attorneys to file motions against both Youtube and Google to address your grievances and perhaps financially compensate you for the pain and suffering you've endured by getting those messages. In addition I've directed PR to begin a multi-national media campaign to highlight these injustices and ensure they never happen again!

Oh, wait, no I haven't, because I don't give a shit and this isn't the right place for your complaints.

Have a nice day.
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Just stop, and be happy they didn't take it down completely or give a strike against your account.

The only way to get away from youtubes and corporations hordes of copyright claim bots is to start a site and host your own videos.
thanx for this most valuable answers. my problem is not my song but why my song and the other milion songs not? why this song and my other ones not? the ones with stupid answers, do something else.
Pretty sure there's an official channel for disputing those claims. Just look through the options and if you've got an argument that's good enough you can get it sorted.
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yes, there is a channel for disputing claims, but i have no suckess. i see guitar player on youtube with manny songs, how can they pass the test?