Hello all. I would say I'm intermediate at guitar, not amazing, not BAD... but I'm not that good. I have been playing on and off for years and it was because of my old guitar I had.

I had an Ibanez RG350DXZ all I wanted upon buying this was "I WANT TO PLAY METAL EVENTUALLY ILL GET A METAL GUITAR FOR WHEN THAT TIME COMES!" and I never did listen to my mates or my tutor (hes a computing tutor but he has played for ages) and I went ahead and got it.

For a while it was all amazing and I loved it but after a while I got so sick of it. It was a pure shredder guitar and here's me sitting there practising scales or some chords... basically a beginner.

Untill recently....

I wanted to get into it again I honestly have a burning desire inside me to get good at guitar and play and play into my old age. So I got money put towards the guitar and I also had money put towards it from selling my old Ibanez.

I researched and watched videos... read up... everything for what felt like a year and one day I played one of my friends Fender Strats... American standard and I was blown away it felt leagues better than anything I'd ever felt or heard ... I had to have one.

So I sensibly saved for a while and now I bought myself an American Standard Fender Strat... I can't be more chuffed with it. I absolutely love it, the feel, the sound everything... soon as I strummed one chord out on it, it felt alive, it felt like it had a voice, the whole guitar vibrated and resonated through my chest it was insane.

So I've been playing it constantly the last few days and can't wait to see the future I'll have with it. It's my main & only guitar now and I'll never get rid of it.

The Strat I wanted wasn't in stock in the choice I wanted. I like white guitars. So naturally I was looking around for white guitars and I seen Arctic White. I thought to myself I really like that I'll go with that... until I saw "Olympic White". Once I saw that I had to have it in that colour, it was such a vintage looking creamy white colour and I loved it. So I ordered an Olympic White / Maple neck/fretboard. Perfect combo for a strat to me.

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Congrats, fam!

It's a great feeling to finally get a guitar that doesn't leave you thinking about what you're going to replace it with when you're better/richer.

I think there may be a day's wait or some such before you can access the rest of the forums, but when that's sorted you could head over to the Stratocaster thread in the Electric Guitar section and introduce your new guitar to the guys over there
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