Hey guys, I just got a new 7 string and I wanna learn some new songs, preferably in either drop a or standard, I like everything from Dream Theater to Feared so Im open to pretty much anything, thanks.
The Mirror, Lie, Change of Seasons, Just Let Me Breathe, This Dying Soul, The Dark Eternal Night, The Shattered Fortress, Enemy Inside...
all from Dream Theater and in standard.
There is google though.. which would lead you to a sevenstring.org article..
Other than Dream Theater? Well, Textures (band) is kinda nice to play to.
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Korn is A standard, Cannibal Corpse from Gallery Of Suicide to present day CC is B standard/A# Standard, I think some newer Morbid Angel is Drop A#, Suicide Silence is Drop A, Slipknot is Drop B/A, 5FDP is B standard, Whitechapel is Drop G#. yes I realize Drop B can't be done with a 7 but you could put it into B standard
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Could learn Crossfade's first album or maybe Trapt's first 2 albums. Just a suggestion.
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if you're into shred, I've always been frustrated at not being able to play Zero Order Phase by Jeff Loomis because most of his arpeggios involve the 7th string, and i don't have one (yet).

I believe a large part of Trivium's "Shogun" was on 7 strings standard tuning too.

You could do Amon Amarth songs on a seven string, most the the melodic parts are 2-3 strings and then the rhythm is just the lowest 3 for the most part. they play in B standard.
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You like Dream Theater, so chances are you'll probably like some Haken. They mostly use 8-strings, but have at least a couple of songs that can be done purely on 7-string.

Try Premonition, it's mostly pretty simple, but with some tricky bursts of speed at the end.


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