Hope someone can help me out with this. For the last couple of weeks my Dean VMNT Dave Mustaine guitar has been acting weird. The pickups seem to have lost the majority of their power. Almost as if the volume knob is down to 50% volume (But its not).The pickups are Seymour Duncan live wire (Dave Mustaine Signature). I have tried changing the battery, changing cables, I don't know what else to do. Possibly a short in the wiring of the pickups? please help me out here, don't wanna take it to guitar center because they are overpriced on their repairing.

Check the internals to see if there are any bad connections. If you are not comfortable doing that, take it to a tech. Better have them fix it than for it to stay broken/get worse.

A few places I'd check first are the points on the jack and the battery leads.
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Are you certain it's the pickups and not the amp?
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Are you certain it's the pickups and not the amp?

I was going to ask the same question. If you use a tube amp, this sounds like a textbook issue of needing new power tubes.
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Sounds like you need new pots. Had that happen to an older guitar I've got.
Are you sure that you didn't accidentally bump a knob? I have done that before.
Yeah it could very well be a bad connection inside. A common point of failure for me has been switched or the connection to the switch. I've replaced switches on three different guitars for the problem you're describing.
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when in doubt get out your meter. check the battery for voltage. check connections and continuity throughout.
This sounds like a power problem, but I'd check that the right voltage is getting to the pickups. Or that something's touching and grounding out. Look to the meter.
-if active, change the battery before anything
-check the guitar jack
-check jack connections
-open the controls cavity and look for a loose wire
-check the pickup selector
-clean jack with contact cleaner
-clean pickup selector with contact cleaner

i'd do that before even thinking going to a tech
also, if you hit (move around) the guitar does it get better or worse, if yes, it's 100% a loose connection
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