Hello, I saw an advertisement and I really want to play electric guitar, but i dont know where to begin. So i saw an ad (trustworthy site!) for a starters set (150 euros) here is the list of what you get. Could someone tell me if this is a good set? (I want to learn to play Rammstein btw )

-cal63 electric guitar
-230vac 50hz amplifier (more specs but its so much to type)
-a tuner with some specs
-things like a bag and stuff.

But is this guitar any good?
New to guitar playing, I really want to get a Fender Tele. I am finding out that there is a supposed difference between US and Made in Mexico Fender's. Can someone help me out? I am sure its a perceived quality difference but if someone has the actual facts that would help me.
Fender USA and Mexico have almost same body wood, but US has better fit and finish with better electronic components and pickups, Mexican made Fender are nice too, but as they say 'you get what you pay for'. Squier is also made by Fender and it can hold its own compared to Mexican Fender in terms of body finishing, the electronic and pickups are slightly different grade, depending on which Squier model your interested in.. CV and VM are better. but if your able to purchase Japanese or Korean made (vintage Stratocaster or tele) they are at par with or even better than some US made Fenders.
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I've never heard any good things about the cal63. I'm going to say you should save up some more and look for a guitar that's at least in the 300 euro range.
Thanks so much to the feedback. I am going to make my choice this weekend. Difficult one, I am VERY tempted to go for the US made tele but it might be a tad too much for me. I really appreciate the details on the differences.