Cast your vote for 5 artsits/bands for the 2016 class of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Choose 5 artists/bands and vote for them as many times as you want here:


After you vote, the running results pop up, and you can close the pop-up, and vote again by just hitting the 'Place Your Vote' button again. Do it over, and over, and over for the 5 you think actually belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame (er, I mean 'Fame'). Let Jann Wenner know who REALLY should be enshrined there. After all, halls of fame are for the fans, anyway, aren't they?... not just the publishers of tabloid magazines.

ROCK THE VOTE, and Sincerely, Zack.
Skidaddy, Esq. (G.Q.)
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Can we choose to light the thing on fire and throw Jan Wenner into the burning wreck with a trebuchet? Because I’d vote for that.