After asking so many questions on here I figured I would try and pass on some of the (admittedly negligible) knowledge I have and try to help someone myself for a change

So I bought this amt stonehead amplifier about a month ago. I had heard good things about it and liked what reviews I had read, so I decided what the heck and I bought it. I wanted a solid state amp specifically anyway. I live in central Oklahoma, usa and had a hard time finding one, so I bought it directly from amt (all the way in Russia) because I couldn't really find a better place to get it from. But it came nicely packaged in a small wooden crate and everything looked like it was in good condition. It also only took about 5 days to get here. I consider that a plus.

Now I wanted to put my own review on here because I have seen plenty of reviews on what it can do as far as metal with drop tuned guitars and whatnot, but not much on anything else about it. Since I personally play a variety of music I thought I'd try and give a verbal review on how I feel bout it at this point.
As of now I have played it through a few different cabs, with and without pedals, and have played it both at home and used it for live gigs. The amp has 4 channels (all footswitch able) along with 2 main volumes (a and b) and an effects loop. The clean and crunch channel run off one set of eq knobs, as do both lead channels on another. The amp also has a separate secondary volume for each channel, along with an individual gain knob for each channel. The amplifier also has a button for a clean mid boost, a bright button for the crunch channel, and a tone shift button for each lead channel. On the back there is an output for a cabinet along with 3 outlets for a footswitch that change what the footswitch does, a mix knob for the effects loop song with an in and out for the effects loop, and a cab simulator, preamp out, and power amp input Jack.
Okay, so now I've mentioned pretty much everything on the amp ( it sure is a lot lol) I'll try and go over each channel fairly quickly.

Clean channel
The clean channel is fairly flat on the eq. But is crisp and clean and has a lot of versatility with the gain knob. I personally run pretty high bass and mids on the first eq and I think it makes the clean channel very nice and very useable. I will also say that (although it will likely bring some sort of hell down upon me from purists) the best clean channels I have ever heard are from solid state amps and this is no exception. The clean channel is versatile and can be made somewhat darker or even a bit jangly if that's what you prefer. Personally I think it jangles pretty well with single coil sound and sounds wonderful

Crunch channel
The crunch channel is essentially the same as the clean channel with the addition of a high knob specifically for the crunch channel. Which I personally think makes a pretty big difference with what you want. I run the gain pretty low (about 3-4) on my crunch channel which gives me a bluesy overdrive, but can be cranked up to get some pretty good classic rock songs.

Lead 1 channel
I actually don't use this channel that much but with lower gain you get some classic rock sounds that sound pretty good and if you crank the gain you can get some pretty hard rock sounds. Personally I keep the gain somewhat low which gives me a classic rock type tone and I set the eq with the bass about 7, mids about 5, and treble about 5 high is also applied to the lead 2 channel

Lead 2 channel
I use this channel quite a bit. I run the gain pretty high (around 7-8) which really has a pretty good thrash metal type tone. I personally don't think it has quite enough gain to play death metal like cannibal corpse or something, by I don't play that anyway so it works well for me. The lead 2 channel sounds very reminiscent of an 80s thrash metal sound in my opinion which works perfectly for me. The gain is just a little bit heavier and more punchy than the lead 1. The lead 2 channel also has a voicing knob, but I honestly can't tell much difference between wherever you put it. I can't figure out what it does.

I have run this amp through my peavey 6505 combo which is a 112, and my peavey Valveking combo which is a 212 with greenbacks. Both sound fairly good but I usually run it through a custom made 112 I made myself with an eminence man o war speaker. Honestly speakers are a whole nother conversation but I will say that I have been pretty happy with the results from running through all three.

This amp is a 50 watt solid state amp. And I have to admit, it's plenty loud. It's just as loud as my second guitarists blackstar 40watt tube combo. So I'm very happy with that. We don't mic anything and I don't have any problem with volume levels. I usually run the volume at just over halfway for live shows and that works great for me.

All in all I would definitely reccommend this amp for someone who wants a small, lightweight, reliable amplifier that is very versatile. The amp takes pedals very very well, and I think pretty much any footswitch will work well with it. It will handle everything from metal to blues and do it well

(Just a recap)
Very versatile
Has remarkably good tone even though it's a lesser known amp I think
Takes pedals well both in front of the amp and in the effects loop
Seems very loud for a solid state amp
Seems to be very reliable from what I've put it through (terrible roads and at least 2 shows a week)

The crunch/overdrive is not as good as a tube amp (in my opinion)
The lead channel has a huge amount of feedback at higher volumes, however I fixed this easily with a sound gate. (Personally I use an isp decimator ii)
In my opinion the amp could have a little more low end "chunk", but this is easily fixed with an eq pedal (I use the 10 band mxr eq)

I hope this helps someone who is considering this amplifier. Thanks for reading x)

FYI, there is a review place here: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/reviews/

that is where it belongs, and people will find it easier when they are hunting for gear.

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I use an AMT SS-11B, which is an awesome preamp for those that are curious, but this reminds me that I should check out some of AMT's other offerings.
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I did not realize there was a specific review place. I'll remember that next time.
As it is if someone has a question about the amp I'll try and answer it.