Hi guys, just saw this guitar in a resale shop in Japan for about $40 USD, but don't know anything about the company or this model. The shop doesn't specialize in guitars, so they don't know, and I wasn't able to take it apart and examine it, since it wasn't mine. Can anyone tell me anything about the company (Shinko/Pleasant), or this model? The Japanese on the tag says only that the model is unknown and one of the switches isn't working. I managed to find one post that mentions the company as being under Teisco, just wondering if anyone can tell me anything. I might get it just to have a unique toy.
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"Zettai iya desu!"that's an horrible guitar.For that price,you are getting a poor quality guitar with probably many issues.Being that guitar rare,it is probably that you will not find parts to fix it.Just buy a Yamaha pacifica if you are in Japan(My father's homeland) they are good guitars.
Are you buying it to play, look at or mod/as a project? If it's the former, i wouldn't. If it's the second then it will need a polish at the very least, maybe even a refinish. If it's the latter then $40 isn't bad for a little project piece i guess.
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Thanks for the quick replies, guys. I do have a couple better, reliable guitars, so I'm not as worried about wasting money on a first guitar. I'm just intrigued by the oddball pickups with those big white toggle switches. To respond to Dempsey's question, I'm looking for a project, but don't know anything about this maker except that they were around in the mid-60's. Since it is a cheap project, I don't need to worry about messing it up during modification.

I tried the guitar and all the switches and things are working after all. Sounds great, actually, so I bought it. Needs a new bridge/tail piece, and a good cleaning at least. Still, anything you guys can tell me about the maker or this model we'll be really helpful.

Thanks again!