https://soundcloud.com/jeob-162517393 theres like 9 songs here on my soundcloud im not a great vocalist but some feedback on the songs would be great... the song type varies quite a bit. Some tips and such would be appreciated also ones liked ones didnt etc. Ill be happy to return the favor to.
"Shoreline of Time" (like the title): I would agree the vocals are not great. Perhaps some Melodyne pitch correction could help (but won't magically fix all flaws). On plosive words that have a B or P, I turn my head a bit from the mic, to not pop the mic so much. Some people use pop guards, I have never tried one. Guitar playing might not be absolutely flawless, but quite nice melody wise. "Numb": your singing fits this song a bit better, but vocals still need work. Guitar riffs are pretty good overall, but the playing could be a lot tighter. Drums are odd, but glad you have some drums. Keep at it! Please review my music at this link: