Working on personal project of putting an album together and completing it for a release by early december so I can reward myself with Star Wars VII immediately after haha. Right now I'm recording 1-2 min recordings of ideas that are new, or a mixture of new and old riffs i've left around and seeing which ones i want to use.

Song can be found here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8qXmlIQxFXyS3pEa1NKeXBYbTA/view?usp=sharing

Wanted to know if you think this is something worth fleshing out more and trying to include. There's no general theme of the album, just songs that I wrote is the only thing tying everything together. So if you think it could be a good one or the idea can work let me know! And if you have suggestions please share. I'll c4c when I can!
Intro chords sound like something off an old Pink Floyd album.

When the verse comes in, I realize it's not my kind

THat said, it flows nicely. It's not energetic or anything, it just flows, like a relaxing rock track. Production is good, everything sounds clear. I prefer a tighter and crisper kick, but I guess this works well for the kind of song you are writing. Maybe try a fuzzier sounding bass tone? Like a squirmy gritty type?

IMO this track would work well for a soft "trippy" kind of song in the middle of the album rather than a second track, sandwiched between two faster tracks. Just my opinion.