Does anyone have any experience with these? Do it compare to the Pod HD series at all? I know it's a completely different entity, but I'm talking about amp models/effects quality.
I have one sitting on the shelf. Probably more comparable to the Pod XT. You can buy expansion packs for it as well. Plus you get a midi keyboard.
I use one occasionally for recording but its very useful for laying keys down with soft synths. I have 5 interfaces I use, basically which ever is plugged in at the time. It's good. No better or worse than any others I've owned. There's lots of interface snobbery around. Most of it bollocks.
It has separate Guitar and Mic inputs, Input gain control for both and allows you to monitor as it becomes the soundcard, therefore latency free unless you are using CPU heavy VST like guitar rig. You can use it with any VST not only the Line 6 stuff which is mainly a bit poor in comparison to most. Depends how much FIZZ you like in your sound though. Some people like Line 6 modelling and some don't. I don't. It's a matter of taste but the KB37 is a very good, versatile unit.
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