Damn straight queero metal addicts, 7:30 and I am getting hammed which means it is THE BEST "LET'S GET SMASHED AND LISTEN TO...WHICHEVER BAND!"


IMPETIGO. bamboozled by the riffs I find my shaved head ricocheting around the room in a lustful necrotic daze. I WORK FOR THE STRRETCLEANER, I ROAR IN MY TWO PERSON APARTMENT.

OOMPH. the riffs knock me out. I am dead.

Who else is working for the street cleaner tonight? Let us talk about how to be disgustingly sloshed, headbanging to tunes. What are your "go to" bands for wrecking face while inebriated?
I feel you player. Schoolboy Q being played as we speak. But, before that it was good ol thrashy tunes.