Hi, all.

So, I am pretty new to guitar playing and tab writing, and am attempting to learn Dream On by Aerosmith. I have Tuxguitar, so I downloaded the power tab for the song. There was no info on the website for who submitted it, but in Tuxguitar, in the "transcribed by" section it shows it was transcribed by Patrick Mabry and Andy Aldort. Since I will only be playing this by myself, I rearranged it so that its set for just one guitar playing.

I feel their might be others like me who would want this version of the tabs, but I also want to make sure I credit, or have permission, from the original transcribers.

So, if I were to upload my rearranged tab, is it enough to mention I modified it from the tab transcribed by Patrick Mabry and Andy Aldort? Or would I need their actual permission (something I probably wouldn't get, as I have no idea how to contact them).

Thanks in advance.
Hi there,
If you aren't able to contact owners by any means, Then best possible thing you can do is that you can mention their names for original tabs and your name alongside for modified tab.