Hey guys, sorry that this is the wrong section to post in but as i am new i'm unable to to post in other sections. I was wanting to buy an amp to replace my old one with a max price of $450, i do not mind whether it would be 2nd hand or not. I already own an acoustic amp, so the amp im wanting should have pretty good distortion and maybe a few effects. I will most likely only be playing this alone in my room, unless in the future i were to meet people who i could jam along with but nonetheless it doesn't need to be very loud. Some examples of artists that i usually learn and play are hendrix, zeppelin, sabbath, zappa, velvet underground,beatles and a few others. I hope someone can help me decide on an amp/a good place to purchase it, and if there is anything else i should add just let me know

-i have been looking at the fender mustang III, anyone have any previous experience with this amp?
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I actually have a fender mustang vII and I've played around with the mustang vIII at my shop. They are AMAZING for the price. I would definitely recommend them because you can create so many different sounds, it's portable, it can be used for small or large venues, it has tons of mods and reverbs, I absolutely love both of these amps. I think you should go for it. Also, if the amp doesn't deliver the kind of distortion you want, distortion stomp boxed would be a great and cheap way to achieve that sound.
Chris, the Fender Mustang III is a teriffic amp with all sorts of wide ranging sound, tone, and FX capabilities! Make sure you get a v2 model. The original version 1 models had an often faulty power supply issue that resulted in a fizzing sound!

The MIII as you may already know has 17 Amp models and 44 FX built in. It also provides 100 Presets!

Download the Fender Advanced User Guide PDF to read about the details, and if you get one used, make sure to do the Factory Reset button procedure to confirm everything works and is back to normal. The current firmware is version 2.2 and that will visible on the last screen displayed when you press the UTIL button multiple times. If the used model you may consider has older firmware, you can dowload it for free from the Fender site and then install it to the Amp using Fender's Free FUSE software. Aside from Fender FUSE, there's also a relatively new Android App called REMUDA that you can control and edit the Amp with if you have an Android smartphone or tablet.

The best configuration for the MIII is with the optional 4 button footswitch and the optional EXP-1 Expression Pedal! These give phenomenal access to lots of features otherwise already in the Amp, but far more easily used with the fsw and pedal! And the 4btn fsw also happily works with the 2btn fsw included with the MIII.

If you can find a good used MIII v2 you may save plenty and be able to get a 4 btn fsw and EXP-1 pedal! You'll be amazed at what they can do.

I also seem to remember that Guitar Center was selling the MIII v2 (new) priced at $249 during their Sale a month or so ago. If you can get a new one at or near 20% off, a good used one should be much less.
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Vintage guitar tone! SuperChamp XD. A great low cost amp for home, recording, and some gigs.

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