Hey man!

The clean, intro riff of "blood moon" reminds me of House of the Rising Sun. There are a few sudden stops in the track that kind of threw me off a little. I _think_ there's a bass track here. If so, I feel it's being drowned out. That said, I really dig your guitar tone and the thrashy, gallopy riffing. I think this track could be stretched out a little bit more to develop some of your ideas.

Here are some specific points in the track that caught my attention:

0:48 - 0:53 I found the transition here a little weird. I think one of the instrument tracks can be trimmed a bit to make it a little smoother.

1:50 Very thrashy, digging your tone.

2:25 I was hoping there'd be some lead phrasing here

2:36 ...looks like I noted the above too soon

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