hi, I have been trying to use istrobosoft app for tuning to dadgbe tuning but find it difficult to get the guitar to stay tuned in to some of the notes. I have tried a few other tunings and just wondered if anyone here has used this software for iPad and before and any thoughts/opinions?

Thanks all
I've used the Peterson app for the IPhone and it works like a charm. Working with Strobe tuners takes some getting used to as they are EXTREMELY accurate (unlike a chromatic tuner thats easily 10 orders of magnitude less accurate) and you don't tune for the markers to end up anywhere but simply stop moving. I generally use it though simply for accurate intonation adjustement, tuning often have to be sweetened, tempered to sound good.
Moving on.....
Hey, thanks for the reply. Yes I did manage to get the strings in tune eventually after much perseverance but it didn't sound right when I was playing the song. Yet when I just manually tuned down to D on the E string it did sound fine. I also noticed then when I went back to check the strings the tuning had changed slightly again.

Is it better to use the mic or buy the add on to plug it directly into the iOS device, in your opinion?

Thanks again