Okay so I have a spider jam IV solid state and it was my first decent amp for home playing. Then I decided to upgrade to a tube amp. I decided to get a line 6 DT50 50 watt combo that's worth about $1200 although I think Guitar Center priced it low by mistake and I got it for like $899. I figured I could later get the pod500 and blah blah blah and I wouldn't need more than a 50 watt combo. At the time I was quite pleased.

Fast forward about 4-5 months. I'm in a band and touring and I got an ENGL Savage 120 watt head with an ENGL standard Slant cab. The savage is a total beast and I love it to death.

I got home and I'm on a short break from tour and I keep my DT50 at home so I decided to play it.

Oh god it sounds like absolute shit, it's just muffled and dull and I have no sustain and I can't stand it. It's distortion sounds crackly and fuzzy and it has so much goddamn amp hum it drives me crazy. No joke, one time before I got my ENGL I used it live and it had so much white noise that in between songs, everyone was like "wtf?!". It was embarrassing. My ENGL is over 2 times the power and it doesn't hum nearly as much, even though now I put a noise gate in the FX loop to completely silence it.

I'm super displeased. I was just wondering if anyone else notices how bad this amp is? I really dont think something is wrong with it, more so than I just realized how bad it is after playing on pretty much one of the most high quality amps for metal.

It's cleans are okay.

I was thinking about selling it, it's pretty much in new condition, and getting maybe a peavy 6505 combo for like $650 and using the extra cash to buy the Z-10 footswitch for my ENGL and maybe some pedals.
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Maybe try a retube? Tube power section right?
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Sell away if it isn't doing what you need.

You might want to double check that the tubes are up to snuff (I'm thinking that's why the unit was cheaper?) and try replacing them to see what happens. Might also test the head on your other speaker cabs.

You're also using the DT50 at home. Have you tried using it in the same location where you have the Engl?

I'm curious how the Engl gets 120W out of two 6550's.
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