Track title: Cognitive Dissonance
Link to track: https://soundcloud.com/andresjam/andres-cognitive-dissonance-remix

Hey folks,

I wrote this track (Cognitive Dissonance) about a year ago. At the time, I didn't really feel confident with the tools I had at my disposal. I think the mix can still be improved. Specifically, I think the track as a whole could use some more compression as it's pretty low. As for the style, I was aiming for something heavy and 'retro'.

I hope you guys enjoy it.

As always, I'd be more than happy to check out your work. Please leave a link to your forum post or track.

Hey man. Interesting opening- it sounds kind of mechanical but in a good way. The distorted guitar that comes in is quite jarring but again in a way that works. It is definitely unusual and an interesting listen. I really like the chord progression around 1:20- very dark and moody. The lead that follows is also great. My favourite part of the track. The tone that comes in around 2:35 is good but a bit out of line with the rest of the track. The mix sounds decent to me. All in all a very solid track and an interesting listen!

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That was really good -- I the lead playing stayed interesting throughout the whole piece
Hey there i wasnt expecting such a detailed review thank you very much for your view on my track blood moon it really means alot : ).
I really like your clean tone from the intro on, the lead guitar kept me interested through out, very tite drums and are groovy like at 1:00. The bass is very present i was just thinking how you recorded the bass to be so clear? Well anyways cool jam 👍
Your lead tone was really good!
Liked it and kept me listening till the end.
The drums sounded a bit wet imo. Maybe it's just my hearing. Too much verb maybe? Dunno, anyways keep it up!
Wow I feel like this is the soundtrack to the bad dream I had last night . Anyway really great note choices being displayed here, you have a good set of ears. The lead phrasing is very memorable to me, the tones you're using are so wet and that's not a bad thing I love them, but you could have the drums a tad louder. In closing I think it's a great song I could see parts of it being used in some sort of indie film. Thanks for your feedback it's very helpful and in depth.
Almost gives me an Industrial vibe! Very ambient on the guitar there. Interesting harmony when that first guitar line comes. I can imagine some Mike Patton style vocals going over this The song stays true to its name by the Dissonance! I like the lead line at 1:50. The outro riff is killer too! Awesome abrupt ending

The intro kind of reminded me of Ghost Opera by Kamelot. Has a very strong Goth vibe. Not very mainstream sounding, but very distinctive. The riffing is pretty cool, very strong industrial vibe as mentioned earlier. Has the potential to be a very "solid" song if the mix can be done a bit better.

Did you double track the rhythm guitars? Stuff seems kind of congested in the center. Lead seems a bit too loud as well. The drums could do with some tightening. Boost with a high shelf on the snare above 5khz and a high pass at 80hz on both snare and kick?
I liked this, it has an interesting and different note choice and vibe to it. Some of it reminded me of the soundtrack to some old video games I used to play. The lead playing has it's own style of melody and compliments the backing riffs and drums well and the distorted part at 2:36 is pretty cool - I could imagine the track going on for longer and building. Sound production wise it's sounding good to my ear with the lead parts nice and loud I'm not sure why you call it retro as such because it sounds quite unique.

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Keep it funky and play on.