Do any of you still use them as currency anymore?

There was this debate a few years back if they should keep or get rid of 'em but I don't know what the answer was.

I find a lot of pennies on the ground and sort of just save it..

I have collected like $3.40 in 5c pieces

Shit's heavy
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It could be a huge drag when you have to count it just like that.

Good thing they have those machines to make it faster.
I usually just put all my loose change in a cup or jar and cash it every couple months.

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all by hand

68 of them
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no girl, movember isnt for you. shave your stache pls

I can out-bore you any day
I have a bucket that I fill with pennies and nickels, and it probably weighs around 50 lbs so far
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I remember when New Zealand got rid of its 1c and 2c pieces. A 5c lolly mixture went from being a bag of lollies to just a lolly literally overnight.

It was the worst day of my life!
We had a 0.5$ coin once, and they just made them obsolete one night. Of course they gave everybody the chance to change them.

Dunno why the US doesn't do the same with pennies, or is there a legitimate business/service where they can be used?
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Pennies are useless. They benefit no one except the zinc industry.

Most coin ops don't accept them because the cost of processing pennies isn't worth it. If it's that bad, get rid of them. We got rid of the half-cent when it had more buying power than a modern dime.
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I usually just put all my loose change in a cup or jar and cash it every couple months.

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I usually just put all my loose change in a cup or jar and cash it every couple months.


free weed yo (except it's not free cause it's still money i made but otherwise the change would just all get lost around my house and car)

We just got rid of them in Canada last year. You just round up or down to the nearest $.05 when paying with cash now. I think it was a good move.
i have like 15 bucks worth of loose change sitting in a jar in my room.

i'll cash it one day...
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Pointless, inefficient way to trade wealth.
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Pointless, inefficient way to trade wealth.

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Coins in general need to go. fuckin' Bronze Age level of technology. Want to buy some gum? Prepare to carry jingly jangly bullshit in your pocket all day.
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Pennies stored in a large cotton sock can be quite a useful tool...
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Don't fall for that. Do you really think anything will be rounded down? To you and me, yeah, seems like a bit of a hassle. To companies that screw their employees on pay and insurance, rounding up $0.01 to $0.04 on a million transactions per day only raises profits. Nobody but the already rich actually benefit. I DO use pennies. $1.03? yeah, I have the exact change..... Better to carry a few pennies around for this scenario than toss $0.97 in my pocket to annoy me. Small annoyance, but keep the pennies.
I only use cash to top up my laundry card anymore

so I just have change accumulating in my wallet and i'll probably never use it
Only if I have some in my pocket from earlier in the day. I rarely carry change of any sort unless I've recently purchased something.
1 yen coins are far worse. They're everywhere, but you can't even use them in vending machines!