I mostly play metal but I'm looking for a versatile amp, I only have 500 to spend as of right now. This is the best one I've seem so far for the price, anything would be an upgrade from my line 6 spider IV tbh.
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The V word! Telling us what you play what kind of tone you are chasing would be more useful then the word I refuse to utter on the internut.

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Buy a Pod HD.
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Right now Guitar Center's web site has an open box ht 40 for $528. It's much better.
I suggest trying out a used 6505+ 112 combo and see if it will work for you. I see them go used $350 - $400 regularly.

Modern Metal = Red channel, gain around 9 o'clock, eq around 5-6.
Thrashy Boosted Marshall inspired metal = Green Channel, Crunch on, Gain around 7-10, eq around 5-6
Cleanish = Green Channel, Crunch off, gain around 3, eq to taste.

Basically don't rule it out because "the cleans suck" - give it a whirl and see if you can compromise with the non-metal tone while getting the metal tone you want.
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