I play at home and with friends and I am terrible at best but learning.
I qualify this because I want to add a Classical Nylon with my interest
in learning more and like Spainish Guitar Sounds.

The point is Takamine seems to be out of stock everywhere. Is Cordoba
a great substitute with similar quality? Looking at any 5 Series they might
Thanks ahead!

Mike F
Hi, Cordoba classical guitars are much better than any comparable Takamine model. The
C5 with its reasonable price has solid Cedar top and Mahogany sides and bottom. The craftsmanship is excellent and the sound is awesome in terms of sustain and deep bass
sounds. It also has a truss rod to help in setting it up. Materials are all quality with bone
nut and saddle and it is a very handsome guitar. I started two years ago with a C5 and just
recently upgraded to a C7 at 499.00 which has Indian Rosewood sides and bottom. They come with Savarez Corum High tension strings but I have always used D'Addario Titanium
Dynacore Hard Tension strings. That is a matter of preference. They also have very good support on their website where you can see the specifications of the C5 and listen to sound
samples under their support Learn and play section. You will not be sorry. The important
item is proper set up. My action on the C7 is 2.7mm at the 12th fret trebles and 2.9MM
on the basses side. It plays excellent. Regards
Norman Storer
Brevard, NC
PS I do not play classical music but play Bossa Nova, Jazz, Spanish boleros and latin Jazz.
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Thanks to all! I will also look at the others mentioned. I think classical will get me more theory experience and improve technique over all.
Bought the Cordoba CE 5 and love the tone, got the electric to hear play back with the amp while I learn. Thx to all!
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