Hi everyone. I am getting ready to sell my Fender Fat Strat w/ Floyd Rose. I haven't really played it in a while. I pulled it out, replaced the strings and played it for a little bit and it played fine. However, when I gave it a closer inspection one of the mounting screws on the neck humbucker is missing. There is two screws on each pickup. Here is the diagram.


It's one of the screws to the left of the pickup. When I push down on the pickup it pushes down pretty easily. I guess my question is, how big of a deal is this? I'm not too familiar with pickups to say if anything else is missing. Is it something I should just disclose and be done with it? Or take it to a shop to get looked at before I sell it?
For me, as the guitar plays well and the pickup is not really loose (when I shake the guitar, the humbucker is not shaking), I would offer it for sale as it is. If I came to the fact that it is an issue affecting playability or affecting buyers, I would take it to a shop.
I'm sure you can find a matching screw if not at a guitar or hardware store then on Ebay maybe?
Just google 'Fender humbucker mounting screws'.
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It's definitely not so loose that it's moving when I shake the guitar. I found the screw online, but of course it costs more to ship than the actual screw.
I'll give you $50 for the guitar as is.

Seriously, if you don't want to mess with ordering the screws, then try selling it disclosing that it's missing a screw. If it won't sell, then bite the bullet and order the screw.
You should be able to get those screws at music stores. Especially shops that work on guitars. (good source for used pickups, pickguards, tuners, all sorts of used, vintage and usable parts.)

It's an adjuster screw and has a spring underneath, between screw and pickup mounting plate. I've started removing the springs and using surgical tubing. Easier to put in place and works juts as well.
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