Hello everybody.
I'd like to ask about guitars you can get on this site. I've got plenty of things for my and my friends from those sellers and most of the time orders were from decent to very good quality, rarely it happened to me to receive trash or faulty product. But I never tried to get guitar from them. I am quite worried as instruments involve some more actual craftmanship than most of things. Of course I don't mean $80 tier guitar but rather $200 or $300 one. Is it worth trying out? Can I expect any level of decency?
It could be garbage for all I know. Personally I would not even bother with this platform. They sell guitars from Asian countries and there is no guarantee that the products are any good. High risk low reward - not worth it. It's like a game of Russian Roulette
I'd avoid the Chinese sweatshops that make those guitars you see on aliexpress like the plague, but if you're going to do it at your own risk, then please don't buy a Chinese fake that has a trademarked name on it like Gibson or Fender.
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And well yes, I'll enjoy the carpal tunnel and tendonitis, because trying to get one is clearly smarter than any word you have spoken thus far.
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