I'm very appreciative of the tab makers who are the engine and life of this site. My guitar playing abilities aren't professional but they have dramatically gotten better because of using guitar pro tabs. For years, I had wanted to find a program that would advance my abilities because I was stuck using tabs from guitar magazine and tab books.
That was OK but constantly getting messed up after turning pages seemed a big distraction for me. I have suffered from ADHD most of my life, so my attention span is short to say the very least. I could learn intros to songs, but hardly any complete songs.
This site, Guitar Pro, & the many contributors have helped me to overcome some of my ADHD issues and I want to extend my sincere appreciation of all the hard work that it takes to make a great tab.
I have tried tabbing out 2 songs; one was accepted and one was rejected. I don't have an ego problem, but when I posted both for review, no one seemed to be interested in reading my comment which clearly stated that they need work. Both songs are not available in G-Pro format and I posted them solely so others who are good at it could take them and make them into really good tabs.
What I'm basically saying is when tabs get posted for review before being rejected, read the comment made by the person who posted it first before giving the tab such poor ratings. Both of my postings had great groundwork and provided a clear point of reference for someone to take them and work on them and make them better because despite obvious errors, there were also things that were very correct. I'm just saying instead of being so critical let them be posted so they can be polished by others and eventually shine like a new quarter! Peace be unto you all!