So I've been playing on and off since 2007. After a year of barely touching the guitar I've decided to get back into it. I realize I've been doing many many things wrong and developing bad habits while I was playing. I read about this minimum movement exercise here.


I definitely have flying fingers syndrome. Although it won't be fun at all playing quarter notes at 50 bpm, should I just be doing that instead of playing actual music until I get better finger control? I could play sixteenth notes at 80 bpm and just be mindful of finger control so I can actually play music...but I'm worried that it will hurt me in the long run.
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Bump. I've been playing and just being mindful of the issue. Should I just start over completely to kill these bad habits? Kinda boring to not play music though...
I haven't played music (songs) ever. I know probably 3 complete songs after 4 years of playing, My technique probably blows, but I've gotten really into ambient sounds and exploring guitar sounds, tones effects and what not, and create atmospheres more than music. Just play how you feel comfortable but if you haven't really gotten into guitar after this period of time you should perhaps question if guitar is the thing for you.