Damn, that was a cool song.

Imma start with the bad news. The mix is crap. Vocals are too low in the mix, and could use a significant treble/presence boost. The track is lacking bass and the drums would really benefit from a significant level boost and some compression.

But you're not a producer, and neither am I, so let's focus on the good. The song is catchy, in a very creepy alt.rock sort of way. I really like the emotion in your voice, and the spoken word parts sound very genuine and not at all gimicky. And I like the screaming

Last thing tho; on the high "insiiiiiide" parts the note is pretty flat. Obviously that part is tough, but you should've given it another take or two until you really nailed that pitch, cuz you were really close. Or, if you're not opposed to it, throw some Autotune on that section and call it a day.

Keep it up

The good stuff first:
Great riff/hook
I loved the instrumentation
Really nice prechorus and chorus
Good clean structure
Catchy chorus

Things to work on:
The breakdown in the middle after the first chorus. I didn't feel it. Im not sure why. I reckon another verse or maybe what curlyhead said about the pitch. Whatever it is, I reckon its a good opportunity to really nail it.

Other than that, some bass n drums and you are on to a winner.

Well done and keep it up.

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