Im considering buying new guitar. Im LP style man (single cut models) and Im thinking about PRS. I have found PRS models with these labels: S2, SC and SE. Could you tell me differences between them? And what do you think about PRS? Is it worth buying?

Thanks in advance
The SE line is the Korea/Indonesia made line. These are the cheapest of the PRS line but are of decent quality.

The S2 is the newest USA made line. These are made at the PRS factory in Mayrland but they do not have carved tops like the regular PRS line does. They also share the tremolo with the SE line.

The SC245 is the top tier production PRS single-cut. This will also be the closest to a real LP because it has a 24.5" scale length and all other PRS guitars have a 25" scale.

I have owned a PRS CE22 (discontinued model) since 2002 and I will never sell it. It is one of the best playing guitars I have ever put my hands on. Also the quality of the fit and finish is insanely good. PRS and EBMM probably have the best QC of any big guitar maker out their.

S yes I would recommend them, the regular USA line would be my first choice if money is not an option. The S2 would be my second choice, still a very good guitar. The SE would be what I'd buy if your on a budget.

But in any case, I'd go used and save a bunch of cash.
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FYI... The CE22 is a double cut, not single.
That being said, Robbgnarly is SO correct. The CEs are great guitars.
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