'Naked' meaning that the neck has no finish whatsoever?

You need to be careful with terminology because many manufacturers and people state that a guitar has an 'unfinished' neck when actually, the neck is finished. It's sprayed with a clear poly finish or has a couple of coats of linseed oil on it. It's a misnomer.

I wouldn't advise putting any kind of oils on any neck that shouldn't be there. Necks need to be protected from dirt and moisture damage more than any other part of the guitar as they're constantly handled by the player. Products like tru oil or gunstock oil or linseed oil offer little protection to a neck because they're too permeable to moisture and they don't fill in the grain, allowing dirt to accumulate in the wood's pores.

If the neck is already finished with something like a poly coating or a nitrocellulose lacquer, then leave the neck alone.
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quick question, can I use the Dunlop 65 spray for my "naked" neck?

Chances are there's a finish on that "naked" neck. (and we're talking neck and not fretboard, right?)

No manufacturer is stupid enough to let a neck out with raw wood.
So it's likely to have anything from a tung oil (essentially a wiping varnish) finish several coats deep, to a matte polyester or polyurethane finish that *feels* naked.

If it's the latter, you can probably use the usual cleaners, but you might want to avoid oils or polishes.
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a few guitar companies I'm sure have done it the two that come to my mind are signature series like the Zakk Wylde and Zoltan Bathory (five finger death punch guy with the dreads) models. Not sure if all their production models of the signature guitars do but I'm sure we all who played for a while (wow 2 whole weeks!!) have played a production model in a store with an unfinished neck. For a display model though everyone has played it's not going to go well, but something we order online why not as it doesn't hold you back. The only down side is the dirt like the Yngwie Malmsteen play loud strat what they replicated but like dings or scratches it just adds character.

this is an example by BC Rich, the "toan king' isn't the best person to go by but this video I remember from 4-5 years ago. 3:08 in this video skip to if you don't like his surly sultry new jersey accent.
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