I have a fender Squier Affinity (I know, you get what you pay for) and the sound is dull and weak and noisey. My plan is to replace the bridge pickup with a humbucker in the size of a single coil. The question is which one? I don't play through much distortion so I want one that is detailed and full when played through a clean sounding amp. I would like to stay under £50 but could stretch to £75. Any help really appreciated.
I would recommend either the Cool Rails or Lil' '59. The Cool Rails sounds like a clean, slightly scooped humbucker, while the Lil '59 sounds like a humbucker in an old Les Paul: warm, dynamic, and non-compressed.
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Look for demo on rose pickups on YouTube, if you own a Squier.. I suggest join Squier-talk.com forum as well.. A lot of the members have bought from Ken and his work is top notch. contact him and he will suggest what pickup will best get the sound you are looking for.
SD Jazz perhaps?
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Lace Alumitones are as clean as passives get.

Here's a vid of a guy with singlecoil-size Alumitones in all 3 positions on his Stratclone.
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