what is the correct way to play the above riff while economy picking?

i usually play it like this:

d u d u d d u d d u d d u d d u u d d u d d u d d d d d d

should i economy pick the power chords like this:

u d u d u

what is the correct way to play it?

edit* tab not displaying correctly so i've included a jpg attachment
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Well the correct way is actually downpicking, but when the tempo is too quick I basically just alternate pick. Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be.
Economy picking is irrelevant here, since you're not going cross strings. If I'm reading this right, it's the Master of Puppets riff, in which case the sliding bit is all downstrokes. You're setting yourself for a world of pain if you alternate pick it.
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. You're setting yourself for a world of pain if you alternate pick it.

and a world of non trvueness
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Downstrokes all the way.
It's a pain in the ass to train the tempo up but it's worth it when you can chug that riff with only downstrokes. It just feels heavier and on more on point that way.
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just down-pick. I'm assuming you want to alternate pick it because you can't down pick fast enough, but just stick at it. That riff sounds noticeably different if you alternate pick.
Down picking sounds way heavier than alternate. Save alternate picking for the really fast stuff.
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Honestly it would be extremely difficult to get this to sound appropriately aggressive and tight with economy picking. This is the kind of thing you should alternate pick or downpick.