Sorry for the bad photo quality, the only camera I have is an older smartphone.

This is the ESP Standard Series Eclipse-II in Vintage Black. It's a 2011 model I picked up used about a week ago. After playing an LTD Deluxe (1000 series) for 8 years, it's nice to move up to a proper ESP. It doesn't sound too much different, but the playability is superior and the tuning and intonation are even more solid.

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Hard to tell from the pics but is that ESP loaded with EMG's?

If so is the LTD packing the same set?

From my experience EMG's sound pretty similar from one guitar to another, if they are installed stock with one 9 volt battery then doing the 18 volt mod will give you a bit more headroom. Running the EMG's on 18 volts gives them more punch as well IMO.

Anyway congrats on the ESP purchase, rock on HNGD!
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Quote by Evilnine
Hard to tell from the pics but is that ESP loaded with EMG's?

If so is the LTD packing the same set?

This one has 81 & 60 set. My LTD has 81 & 85 set. Both are 9 volt.
Very nice! I have owned a couple LTD EC1000s over the years and they are great guitars, I can only imagine how amazing the ESP is. HNGD!!!

I tend to always switch out my actives and put an 85 in the bridge and 60 in the neck. I love that combo.
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Nice one. HNGD!

Got a snow white Eclipse 1CTM myself. Overall very nice guitars, altough I have moved away from metal and rarely use mine now.
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HNGD! Welcome to the ESP club!
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I want a guitar with the 81 85 combo. Looks like a nice guitar. I always wondered how better an ESP was than the LTD.
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Damn I need to get one of those sometime. I am an ibanez wh0re though. Haha.

Sweet guitar
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