I'm looking for a new delay pedal (budget ~ 200 eur).

Perhaps someone can recommend something?

I'm looking for something that doesn't change my main guitar signal,
also has ability to adjust volume, amount of high frequency, repeats, time gap between repeats, how fast repeated signal fades.

I tried analog and digital delays, and liked digital ones more.
I really like my MXR carbon copy. There are others out there that do a fine job Boss DD-2,3,6 but bang for your buck I will take the carbon copy.
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MXR carbon copy bright is similar to the original but as name implies 'brighter'.. LOL.. If you can find Flashback X4 delay or Alter Ego X4 delay.. You should be set with toneprint feature, just beam artist created delay into your pedal or tweak delay parameters to add modulation as you prefer with TC Electronic Editor software (you can make your own unique delay).
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Most important feature for me is a TAP tempo. Especially if you intend to do live stuff.

I personnally own an Aqua Puss. It's a very nice analog delay but more of a one trick pony because of its short delay time. Transparent too.
Digitech obscura altered delay has tap tempo.. Press the button 3 sec activates tap tempo mode. If you know someone who has it.. ask to try it out.. I'm using it over the Flashback X4 because of size. Using the portable pedalboard more.
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TC Electronic Flashback looks fantastic. Haven't tried one yet, but I've had my sights set for a while.
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I really love the Carbon Copy. I have 2 on my board and 1 spare. It's not as crazy as some of my other delays, but it sits in a mix really well. It's a little bit dark and murky but I really like that about it. It can really add a presence to your sound. I do Have a flashback X4 and it's pretty nice too but doesn't do any ONE thing amazingly, just does a bunch of things kinda well. . Used it more for looping as the delays weren't my cup of tea. Has been kicked off for a Ditto 2X now though.
Clutch control, how many pedals do you have on your pedalboard? We play mostly Hillsong, Hillsong United, and some jamming but not hard rock or anything like it, so don't really need that much effects. 8 pedals is the max if I use my SKB F8 footnote amplified powered pedal board (9-volt) on my Diago mini I cram 5 pedals [OD - Distortion - Chorus - Reverb - Delay]
I'm almost certain if you took your time editing a delay toneprint that you can get the same one as MXR carbon copy, but why bother if you can buy it (all the delay algorithm is already set)
The Flashback sounds incredible to me. I use the Flashback mini, because I just need a general delay sound. I used to use it on all my leads (more of the Solo variety), it really helped fill it out. now I use a general delay, thats a lot longer, for lead guitar work, such as fills and lead lines that require a delay, because we started writing more songs of that variety.

If I could do it again, personally, I would either have a rack unit (or something similar) with presets that are all made to the exact tempo for each need so I can have an all around delay pedal, or just get something with a tap tempo.

We play to a track and have clicks and a full monitor set up for each member, so the exact delay could come in handy consistently.

I do however like a general delay that just fits with everything, and the fb mini is as tasty as it could get.
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The Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail has repeats that aren't too dark, and an insert jack that can function as a 'wet out' or a jack to send *just the repeats* to other effects, like EQs, phasers, or another delay. It is also 100% analog.
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so he says he prefers digital delays and 50% of the responses are for analogue delays. nice work people.
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Another +1 for the Flashback, you can probably find the X4 used if you'd like larger size in exchange for tap tempo (if you want one) and easier access to three presets and more toneprints.

I have the regular Flashback and the Mini (long story but I really use both), and can't praise it enough, imo it doesn't do a lot of things "kinda ok", it does a lot of things very well. Unless you want something really specialised like the Carbon Copy (but if you said you prefer digital I guess that's not what you're looking for), I think it crushes everything in its price range up until "pocket portal to different dimension" kind of units like Strymon come into play.

The basic settings already give you a ton of variety, and then there's the Toneprints for a lot of in-between settings (I love analog with vibrato on my Mini, for example).

tl;dr: I'm a TC fanboy for a reason and this pedal started it.
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