Just installed the Android Remuda App to my Samsung Tablets and Smartphone. It works Great!

The Android App Remuda claims to be "A complete editing and control application for your Fender Mustang (v2) amplifier."

This is a very cool App! The screenshots show a functional UI considering the limited display space of a smartphone/tablet.

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The Google Play Store Description for Remuda reads:
A complete editing and control application for your Fender Mustang (V.2) amplifier. Provides complete "deep" editing of all Presets, Effects, and Amplifiers. Direct mode allows drag and drop re-ordering of presets. Performance mode lets you build a complete "set list" of song-by-song Presets, with multiple presets per song. Requires Android version 3.0 or later and a USB OTG (On-The-Go) adapter/cable to connect your Tablet or Smartphone to the amplifier.
- For Fender Mustang (V.2) series amplifiers only.
- Requires USB OTG adapter/cable for connection to amplifier.
- Drag & Drop preset re-ordering.
- Preset deep editing. Edit all parameters of all effects and amplifier simulations.
- Edit the Preset Signal Chain using Drag & Drop
- Performance Mode designed for gigging musicians. Set up complete "sets" of multiple Presets.
- Dynamic mapping of Quick Access presets in performance mode.
- Performance Mode and Direct modes can be "locked" to avoid "fat finger" errors.
- Effect "Memory" remembers how you like your effects and amplifiers to be set when added to a Preset.
- Optimized for 7" Tablets.

The Google Play App Store shows Remuda version 1.0 has been available since July 18, 2015. I was delighted to have discovered this just last week.

With an inexpensive $5 OTG adapter cable and a $5 10' USB extension cable I had Remuda up and running on my Samsung Android Galaxy S4 Active Smartphone and Galaxy TabPro 8.4" in a few moments. Although it installed to my Galaxy TabPro 12.2" Tablet it won't run.

Even though the software is priced at $7.95 (i.e. 2~3x more than most typical Android Apps), and it does not do any Internet FUSE online Community Preset sharing, it does provide terrific convenience and functionality at the price of not much more than a set of strings!

Direct Mode provides full editing and amp control! Drag & Drop Preset Repositioning is fast and easy! FX Signal Chain Repositioning also works great! And the Performance Mode's Set List and Song List with Dynamic Quick Access Footswitch Presets is fantastic!

If you're an Android User, you've got to check out Remuda!!

For more User Comments, see the Remuda Thread in the Fender Mustang User Forums at: http://forums.fender.com/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=99847 and the Google Play App Store Link at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tritoninteractive.remuda.
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