Hey dude.

Good to see another track from you!

"Dangerous path ahead" is a melodious, exploratory track riddled with quick outbursts of technical riffing. I feel this is both a strength and a limitation of the track. Though I thoroughly enjoyed your playing, I didn't feel like the track had an opportunity to develop. As for the mix, your lead tone cuts through very well. I think the bass drum can be nudged down just a bit and maybe the levels on the snare turned up just a hair. Otherwise, I was able to hear the individual instrument voices clearly and articulately.

Here are some positions in the track that caught my attention:

0:11 The entrance of the lead here sounded a little abrupt and harsh.

1:21 I admire the stop-and-go approach you have at lead playing in this track.

2:10 The climax here was good, but I think the track could be extended more.

Overall this was a cool track. I feel like there are some good ideas and riffs here, but I feel the track would benefit from more structure.

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Cool track man.

It comes off sounding like a varied composition but I take it this was improvised mostly? Anyway, the drums are nice and full on sounding and the lead guitar is nice and pronounced. I liked the chord you used at the beginning. I like the 'on-the-fly' vibe your lead playing has - some cool ideas in there. I could imagine a few more instruments complimenting this track nicely but it's good in its own merit. Play on and keep doing your thing.

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Hi mate, I had actually liked this song on Soundcloud a few days ago before making the link to UG. So, in summary, I like it! The leads have a nice improvised feel and it gives the track a bit of unpredictability and keeps it interesting. My only minor comment is that the drums sound quite robotic so maybe try varying the volume of each beat a little?

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