I feel so tired of my same old beloved 90s punk albums. Any bands you guys would recommend? I love bands like Bad Religion, Pennywise, NOFX and some of the bands with hardcore influences like Refused and Minor Threat really turned to my liking as I got older.

I will admit I'm very snobby with new music and I'm very particular with what I like and don't. Really hoping to stumble across something if it be a band that's doing well that I've never heard of or some really cool underground stuff. I'm not worried about poor sound quality and low budget recordings.
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Honestly I feel ya man a lotta newer bands are just imitations of older bands and they change one thing about their music/style and call themselves original. Lame. Honestly get in touch with your local punk scene you can usually find a handful of cool bands and the shows are way better. In Sacramento they have a lotta small local shows that are cheap as fuck and have really good bands (Death Rogen (Chino Moreno's from the Deftones son's band), RAD, xtom hanx, the Bananas) play. If Sacramento has a good local punk scene in sure any town will also have a great punk scene and if there isn't than start your own.