The facebook player did not work well for me (not unusual), and it was only a 30 second demo from what I could tell. So I did the dropbox. I like female vocals with some grit, though I actually preferred her less gritty vocals (the gritty vocals were pretty good though also). Her vocals are not pitchy, so that is good. I think her "pretty" vocals in the intro & outro are very good! Guitar riffs are very good; guitar playing is mostly tight, though not flawless. At ~2:55, the vocals are too loud in my opinion. The song & vocals sounded better to me on the second listen. Bass & drums are fine. Overall, I think it is a good song & recording. Please review my music at this link:

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Thx for the crits guys.

@aaron: I only posted the facebook link if anyone wanted to like our page or wanted to check out more of the band. Only had a teaser on there.

@curlyhead: The song was a rough mix we actually just finished the final mix of the song. Here it is!