So, I recently got a super deal on an 03 Ibby Prestige, but the deal was because the wiring didn't work at all in this guitar, Someone tried to re-wire it, and that did not go well. Their loss became my project.

Good news: Everything works, better than before.

What I did that was unique was I used some PC style quick change connectors to wire EVERYTHING up. I can change pickups, pots, switches, in seconds, and without getting out my soldering gun. I did this initially to trouble shoot which component was causing a nasty hum, turned out to be the Ibby COR-TEK 5-way, but the quick change connectors helped me do this. Then I thought, what the heck, leave them in! And, they work fine, with the new added feature that I can change anything in seconds, without soldering.

I will post pictures, but here is what I did:

Soldered the volume pot leads (12 total) to female quick change ends, so that the volume pot has a 12 way female connector. 6 ground posts, and 2 leads for each of the terminals on the pot. I made a loop connector to ground one of the terminals. The rest of the grounds are used for the pickups, tremolo ground, and 1 lead goes off the the jack.

Tone pot I soldered 6 leads, 3 on terminals, 3 grounds. I also took 2 caps (1 x 0.22uf and 1 x 0.47uf ) and soldered male connectors on them, so I can quickly change out the caps if I want to switch.

Changed the jack to a 2 wire male connector. Whats nice about this is that I can quickly wire any of the pickups directly to the jack, and change back in seconds.

I switched from the Ibby COR-TEK and their odd wiring of that switch to a standard Fender 5 way. 1 side is used for pickups, the other side I used for grounding the coil tap wires. I used an 8 connector female socket for this, 4 wires on each side. I did have to make a 2-into-1 coupling so I could connect both humbuckers tap leads to the same middle position so the humbuckers would tap in positions 2 and 4.

Pictures will do this thread alot more justice. I was thinking of selling kits like this on eBay for $50, or offering people the option to send me their guts and I convert their parts into solder-less quick-change connections.


PS - I saw the EMG kits, but they were all for their pickups and active wiring. My kit is for ANY pickup, and you don;t need to use a specific brand. Also, I plan to sell my kits at about 1/2 the price of the EMG's. (which were close to $100)
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I saw something similar once, again, with PC connectors. It is a splendid idea actually for the long run. Waiting for pics.
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I've used PC stuff before but just the monotony of "Converting" pickups to it one way like making quick connect cables was a headache, however the screw in terminals with a bit of prep work is excellent for strats and all for those who the dreaded soldering iron terrifies them