I have only recently started with recording my own material and would appreciate some feedback. Thanks!

I really like the sound(s) you use here, and I enjoy the vibe of the track. There isn't much to be said about the production since there's only one instrument as far as I can tell, but that one instrument does sound cool. I'd love if this was a bit longer though.

One thing I did notice was that you were out of time at points quite a bit. It's a common occurrence on people new to recording. So I'd work a little bit on the rhythm and timing.

I also took a listen at your other track "without word or warning" and I have to say that I like that one too, very nice atmosphere and use of effects. To my tastes they could be a bit longer, but that's subjective.
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Thank you both for your advice. I know the timing is a bit off, so i'll have to work on it.