I want to know the secret behind this. I start playing bass on my Electric guitar and sing along because it sound better than playing a chord.

I try many bass tab and sing at the same time and the feeling is good during playing the bass because I can sing well and sitll play a complex tab.

Not same apply to Electric guitar. I just want to play a simple tab from Nirvana call "Come as you are". I can't even sing a thing while playing.
The riff is the same but I still can't sing the song.

Is there a secret bheind this theory of bass and guitar somewhere?
Are you saying you can play Come as You Are on bass while singing? But you can't play it on guitar while singing?

Just practice it slowly. Figure out which beats coincide with a note you're singing.

Bass definitely isn't inherently easier to play while singing than guitar. Some bass styles favour playing on the strong beats in the bar, which might be easier to sing along to than a syncopated funk guitar riff.

But I don't think that's what you're talking about because the bass for Come as You Are is identical to the guitar.
Actually, I have heard people say that it's harder to play bass and sing at the same time than play guitar and sing at the same time. Well, I guess it depends on the music you play.

But if the riff is completely the same, I don't know why it would be any easier to do on bass than on guitar. Maybe you are more familiar with the way bass feels in your hands or something?

But yeah, figure out how the parts work together. Does the singing melody have a different rhythm than the guitar part? What note do you play when you sign a certain word?

It's kind of the same as learning to play a drum beat. Your hands and feet do different things at the same time. You need to know each part individually, but you also need to know how they work together. When I try to learn a new drum beat, I don't really think "I play 8ths on the hi hats and quarters on the snare" or whatever. I try to figure out which drums I need to play at the same time. It's more like "on the first beat I play the hi-hat and the snare at the same time, then I play the hi-hat alone, then I play the snare and the hi-hat at the same time again" etc.

So figure out what notes are played and sung at the same time and what notes aren't. Of course you also need to know the parts well individually. So practice the guitar part first so that you can play it without thinking about it. Then practice the vocal part so that you don't need to think about it.
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as a bass player, it's easier for me to play guitar and sing. hands down. it just depends on the person, though. anybody can do anything (within reason) with enough practice, so stick with it

or play bass, cause it's a waaay better instrument
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Try it yourself. I play bass from Beatles song and can sing well. I can't play riff come as you are and sing at the same time. It's not chord it's riff. like 2/4 and I can't sing.