general question for anyone who wants to answer it... I'm looking for a software that will perform multitrack recording and has an integrated percussion track builder. I currently use Acoustica Beatcraft for my drum tracks and have done everything on a stand alone unit (portastudios and such). I've been looking at Acoustica Mixcraft but I cannot tell if the software has the drum track building capabilities. I've sent a question to Acoustica but this will likely be faster and broader than inquiring from one company. Any input on what is being used and how smoothly it works would be fastastic. I don't need anything super complicated... just recording/mixing/mastering abilities with percussion track abilities.
You shouldn't get anything less than Reaper and you don't really need anything more than Reaper. It doesn't have an integrated percussion builder but it has full support for VSTs, and well you could just download Hydrogen for free anyway. If you actually want great percussion tones you need a r̶̷e̶̷a̶̷l̶̷ ̶̷d̶̷r̶̷u̶̷m̶̷m̶̷e̶̷r̶̷ a third party program.

How much can you spend on software? What are your standards for percussion tones?
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Yeah, Reaper is amazing in my opinion and by far my favorite recording program.

For percussion, I like to use ezdrummer 2. Real drummer is quicker, as opposed to painstakingly writing midi, and more realistic sounding since ezdrummer really only has one sound per drum piece; however, ezdrummer is way more flexible and can be modified at will unlike real drums. But the point is that you have options. You may have to try a few recording program to figure out which one is for you. Maybe download trials. I found Reaper was very intuitive and always did exactly what i wanted it to do
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As previous posters have said, EZ Drummer is really good. I have used it extensively for recording. It's very intuitive to use and the sounds are good. Of particular help are the included MIDI files which provide you with instant beats. I have never used EZ Drummer 2 so can't comment on that.

However I have just changed over to BFD ECO which seems to offer much more control in your mix. Each drum has it's own dedicated channel where you can change pitch, EQ, effects such as compression, reverb, etc. There loads of kits/drums and the sounds are great. At £69 it's great value.

Reaper is good and doesn't cost a fortune. My personal fav is the (also low cost) Tracktion, which has a different but great workflow and also plays nice with loop libraries (e.g. for building drum tracks). Check it out.