Does anyone use a head with any of the two notes gear, and how do their cab sims sound on a recording. I've been thinking about getting a Live or Studio

I don't use a conventional tube head with anything Two Notes, but I do use some tube preamps and a variety of modelers with a Torpedo C.A.B. The C.A.B. provides two things that really up the game. One is a great set of cabinet sims (IR based) that can be added to (and you can do your own) that are easily the equal of anything that Kemper and other IR-based sims are putting out, and the second is a set of tube power amp sims (EL84, EL34, 6L6, etc.). Outstanding.

Two Notes advertises the C.A.B. as having a subset of what's offered in the Live and Studio load-box rackmount gear.
Cheers for the response - it's the high quality cab sims I'm interested in and the attentuator, I'm gonna look into getting one of these