i signed up for the free trial. and i noticed in the bottom corner it said upgrade to lifetime so i wanted to check it out and without notice warning or even a price you guya AUTO CHARGED ME the lifetimesubscrip i did not agree to nothing that is unbelievable. i want a refund. i clicked the go to 1 month trial and refund the lifetime subcrip and then it says transaction not found.
Same thing happened to me. And it billed me 49.99 instead of the advertised 39.99. This is a bogus way to get people in and now I can now longer get to the screen for a refund, contact info seems hidden. Not a good start for someone checking out your service.
After "accidentally" getting billed for a lifetime subscription, I was just over on the customer service forum for tab pro and this is beginning to feel like a complete scam. I would strongly warn anyone who has given billing information to UG to watch for unauthorized charges.

Here is a link to the forum, check recent messages for what is happening. Not good.
They dont want to make it easy, they want your money,right? I never go for anything that has auto pay. They are always hard to get out of them.
I was charged on my paypal account for the past two months and I don't even remember applying for anything paid or a free trial. What do I do?