Hi, as soon as this opened I knew I was in for a treat- a really explosive start and a great lead part. I'd be tempted to bring the solo down in the mix but it sounds fine as is. The verse is great- good melodies and a strong voice. The rhythm section is seriously tight and the variety of riffs keeps it interesting throughout. The solo midway through is again very well composed and played. This whole thing is right up my street- awesome tune!

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First off, thanks so much for checking out my track. Apologies for taking so long to get back to you.

On to the track!

"Assassin" breathes the heavy riffs of yester-year. This a groovy, well-produced thrash track. The lead phrasing and playing is superb; it's very exploratory rather than forced or formulaic. The vocal style reminded me of Testament.

Here are some of the highlights of this track for me:

2:09 I really dig the build-ups here. The harmonics are excellent

2:25 Excellent note choice here. Nice touch of dissonance without going overboard.

3:42 The breakdown here was a little unexpected but pretty cool!

Overall, this was very well done. Thanks for sharing your band's creation with me.