Although this is guitar-related, it isn't anything to do with technique or anything so I decided to post it in The Pit.

I got a guitar less than a month ago and have practised for at least half an hour every day; the average is an hour. Since no one within a hundred-mile radius is musical (the only other person with a guitar in this town is abroad), I don't have a teacher and can't start a band yet, but I'm using the Learn & Master Guitar DVD to learn it. While I still have problems with accidentally muted strings on chords and such, I'm getting better.

To have something to play meanwhile for the fun of it, I learned some of the easier intro riffs ('Smoke On the Water,' 'Iron Man,' 'Highway to Hell' - not completely accurate but it sounds alright, 'Communication Breakdown' and 'Seven Nation Army') and made them part of my daily practise.

The problem is that family and friends don't know anything about the music I want to play since ... well, they listen to whatever's popular at the time and there's very little guitar music in that. Which is fine by me, but they still insist that I play the guitar for them. If they'd recognize the riffs it'd probably go better, but they don't, so when I play all the riffs I know and say, "That's all I know so far," (I haven't started learning soloing or anything that'd enable me to play for quite a while) I get ridiculed for knowing so little despite having had a guitar for three whole weeks.

It's tempting to tell them to play it themselves if they can do any better, or that if they can't recognize the music I can't do anything about that, but even when I do say that to shut them up it doesn't help the feeling of inadequacy I get. It's like they expect me to produce a full band's sound with one instrument. I know I suck but it's not like I've been playing for months or years. I'm trying my best to get good at it but I wish other people wouldn't think one can become a great guitarist overnight or at least actually know the music before ridiculing me. So, yeah... discouragement from oneself seems common in the beginning, but being discouraged by others is much worse.

Did anyone else face such a feeling in their early days? What did you do to work through it?
Your family and friends sound like jerks. Fuck their hat. Everybody has to start somewhere when they first begin playing, and nobody gets good overnight. Your lack of experience being frustrating is very normal, you just have to be patient and not beat yourself up over it. Good results will come if you're persistent. Hang in there.
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The bad news: you probably won't be able to just play alone and achive a full musical experience for years. this "modern" style of guitarplaying is not really meant to do that. Maybe you could learn how to sing (later on?), althrough that could backfire if you can't sing. I'd say go for some stuff like The Beatles who had well known poppy songs with just some chords and the musical elitists won't shun you for palying pop. Oh and get well at arpeggiated picking (or whatever it is called) it might work. Look up some basic folk fingerstyle lessons (don't get upset if you can't do it tho, it's not easy)
Thanks for the advice, both of you.

I do intend to become a singing guitarist at one point; fronting a band someday would be a dream come true. Right now I'm just focusing on learning guitar first. I'm not a proper singer but when my best friend and I talked about forming a band someday (it didn't happen because we didn't have instruments back then) he said I could sing, so I'll learn to sing once I can play well. It'd go well with lots of songs.

Thanks again. Sorry if I sounded whiny up there.
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I went through a similar thing with my old mates, a lot of it was jealousy that I was actually getting good at something they couldn't (we all started learning at the same time), it was nothing too harsh, just "you suck lol". It was more of a friendly ribbing looking back on it, but at the time it annoyed me, and to be fair I was a bit of a cocky shit. Sometimes its good to have friends that tell you you're shit when you honestly are, it stops you from getting arrogant

don't let it get to you too much, but also be aware that learning from scratch takes a while. Like a solid year before you get "good", so even if all you can play is intros and some odd riffs don't get discouraged. Learn theory as well as techniques, which is my biggest problem, I didn't learn theory from the start and its making everything so much harder, don't be dumb like me

but like anything, if you practice it enough you will get better, it does take a while but its worth it


only just read the actual question because I skimmed it, but what I did (and I assume most people did) was just keep learning more riffs, practiced more exercises, increased the tempo of the exercise runs, increased the difficulty of the songs I was learning, and just learnt as many different scales as I could (which I've mostly forgotten now because I haven't properly practiced in a while). Just keep doing what you're doing, find a way to practice that you enjoy and go from there. If you enjoy learning songs then do that, focus on a song you think you can learn, then go and learn it until you can play it with your eyes closed. Then find a slightly harder song ect. Or if you enjoy doing proper lesson exercises then do those, I worked my way through a technique book when I first started, it was all just different scale runs that got a little harder each time and used different picking techniques. Its the only reason I'm fairly decent as there's a lot of stuff that's hard to learn from just doing covers alone, so I'd recommend that too

but there's no right or wrong way to learn, play, or practice music. What works for someone will not work for everyone, we're all different, so find your own way that you enjoy. And I keep saying enjoy because you do have to enjoy it, else you wont want to do it
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Hell, I remember when I was in high school barely learning, my sister used to give me so much shit. That's pretty common I'm sure, to be honest she said that about anything I would do. You know what, I'm going to go and tell her she sucks at her job now! Anyways, having that doubt was good for me as I had overly doting parents that would bother me everytime they had a party to plug in and play for the guests. *shiver I really did suck, and I felt it each time I got in front of family and friends.

It really does help though when you know people that also play guitar or any other instruments because well, we all been there at some point in our lives. Now though, I'm the only one that ever says I suck at guitar.
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Yeah you just gotta put in that work, it doesn't come quick. Learn to improvise ASAP so nobody can accuse you of running out of bars
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Pfft I started playing guitar 10 years ago, I still suck. Tbf I was horribly untalented at music, through perseverance alone I got to the point I am. I haven't touched a real guitar in months, but I compose full songs. I can't play them, but my compositions far exceeds my ability to play an instrument.

I plug in a DAW (digital audio workstation) for probably 4 hours a day, everyday.
Bro, you're doing fine, within three weeks of learning keyboard, I could barely play Mary Had A Little Lamb and Ode to Joy, three weeks of guitar I couldn't play chords, even when I tried. Just persevere and ignore people who think you're shit for now, and it will slowly come together, and they'll be there, unable to play an instrument.
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Start learning theme songs from different shows and movies. Most of them are pretty simple and theyre pretty damn fun to play, and your family will definitely recognize some of them, and it'll help you get better.
Also your family members are assholes, do they even know what an instrument is? Even if you were playing the damn triangle you still wouldnt be able to master it in a month
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they still insist that I play the guitar for them.

This probably shows they care.

Honestly, it's not a big problem just keep on doing what you enjoy and try not to get too hung up on what other people think. Most of the time it's u projecting onto them anyway.
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It's the first year, jesus the first month, give yourself a break.
Don't give up.
Stay with L&M it's a good course, done it myself.
Dont worry about what others think, especially when you're starting out. Just graft at it and you'll improve steadily. As long as you're personally happy with your progress so far thats what counts. Keep at it, if you're dedicated enough you'll get there.
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Start playing No Wave to shut them the fuck up.
and by playing No Wave I mean just pluck notes that don't go together and bang on your strings with drumsticks and yell incoherently.

That should get them to fuck off, and then you can practice guitar in peace.