(Rock/Metal) Looking for high schoolers to jam with in Orange County?

Hi everyone I'm Jonathan, I'm 16 and have been playing guitar for two years and my goal is to start a band with friends. I'm into hardcore rock & metal genre, somehow listen to country music . Influence includes Metalica, Pantera, Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park, Metalica, George Starit and Trace Adkins.Im looking for metalheads who might be willing to jam together. I'm in La Mirada. So if you are a HIGH SCHOOLER who plays bass, drums, rhythm guitar or a good vocalist, feel free to contact me via message. Cheers!
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I am an adult

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orange county?

not listening to 80's cali punk?

what the fuck, man?
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orange county?

not listening to 80's cali punk?

what the fuck, man?

Not a fan of punk sorry dude 0_o