Hi, i can play fairly fast, but i've noticed that im plateauing. The reason I believe has something to do with it is that when I play really fast, and move down/up a string, there is a mini pause inbetween each string, and its really limitting me. Does anybody have any suggestions/relations? thanks in advance.
all about syncronizing your picking and fingering. sounds like you pause because you re thiking about the string skip instead of just naturally doing it. all i can really say is practice and if your mind is ahead of your fingers it helps. knowing where your fingers are going next will help.
Coordination is the key in my opinion.
I've found that I can do a small segment skipping at most one string very fast alone, for example playing:

D ----5-6-7-8-------------

I can do this very fast. But when playing several of these in a row, I slow down. I take this as a sign that the speed is within reach but it's just that the coordination isn't good enough to execute this skip several times in a row.
And metronome is one of the ways to train coordination.
Playing fast isn't a sign of progression. The fact that you've reached a hiccup is good... slow things back down until you don't have a gap when you skip strings, then slowly speed it back up.

Don't play it as fast unless you can do it without the gap!

In terms of overcoming this, it depends on the run you're doing - some are easier than others. Focus on identifying which hand is causing the problem for you. It's more than likely you're picking hand getting caught up on a string skip so watch how you angle you're pick when you 'escape' the run to move to the next string.