Hi everyone,

A little background: I play exclusively in lefty slide style due to a disability, and I live in rural Japan. Looking to get a new guitar, and considering a couple mainly. Any help deciding is appreciated:

I have been looking at the Gordon Smith GS1, and just today found the Eastwood/Airline Folkstar. Both guitars are around the same price in Japan, and I just don't know. The Eastwood would give me the option to play dry (busking, or without amp with friends), but at the same time I'll be unable to quiet it for practice time (living in small Japanese apartments with thin walls). The GS1 has a sterling reputation for performance and durability, and I'll be able to wear headphones while practicing, but unable to play without an amp (Japan is particularly strict about stealing electricity, so busking electric will be a rare affair, if at all).

I also considered the big brands like Fender and Gibson, but getting a lefty out here is proving more costly than these. Anything I've forgotten, or should consider, feel free to let me know.
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I've heard some people say that the QC on Gordon Smiths can vary quite a bit. So I'd want to try the one I was buying.

I haven't tried the other one.
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