So I am rewiring one of my guitars and noticed that I have six ground wires to connect to the back of the volume pot. Even in just drawing out the wiring diagram it is clear that this will be quite a challenge. What I'm wondering is if the ground wires can be daisy-chained so there is less wires to deal with. (i.e. connecting the tone pot ground the the right lug of the volume pot, since the right lug will then be connected to the back of the volume pot). If that is possible, is it also possible to connect the output jack's ground to the tone pot ground? Or does the output jack absolutely need to be directly grounded to the back of the volume pot?

Thanks in advance for anyone that can give me good information.
yes you can consolidate the grounds. most decent tech's will do this to stop the mess of wires in the control cavity.
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Just remember that only one end of your daisy chain will be connected to the output jack.
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